Jeevan Labh 936

Jeevan Labh is Endowment plan which is best-selling Endowment plan of Life Insurance Corporation of India. It is non-linked, with profit endowment plan. Its table 936 (previously 836).


 Minimum Age

8 years Complete

Maximum Age
1) 59 years – Policy term 16 Years
2) 54 years – Policy term 21 Years
3) 50 years – Policy Term 25 years

Sum Assured

Minimum Sum Assured

Maximum Sum Assured
No Limit

Policy Term

 25 years

Premium paying term 16 years

21 years

Premium paying term 15 years

16 years

Premium paying term 10 years

Maximum Maturity Age

75 years

(nearest birthday)

Premium Payment Mode







(only in ECS or SSS)



Yearly premium


Half-yearly premium

 No rebate
Quarterly, Monthly and sss premium

Grace Period

30 Days

Yearly, Half-yearly and Quarterly premium mode

15 Days

Monthly premium mode

Maturity Benefits

After successfully completion of policy term maturity is
Sum Assured + Simple Reversionary Bonus + Final Additional Bonus = Maturity

Loan Facility

LIC provide loan facility to its valuable customer. In this case two years full premium should be paid (previously three years).


LIC’s policy can be surrendered after paying two years premium (previously three years).  Surrender value is percentage of total years premium paid and it depends on policy term and year in which the policy is surrendered.

Policy Revival

The revival period of lapsed policy is before 05 years (previously 02 years). At the time of policy revival all payment dues and interest is calculated .

Tax Benefits

Benefits under 80C

Premium paid towards policy

Benefits under 10(D)

Amount received after Maturity or Death of policyholder or Surrender of LIC policy

Hence the LIC policies always gives double tax benefits to every policyholder.